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For bookings and enquiries:

01252 877770



When you make your booking, we will ask you for the departure time for your train and we’ll advise you of the time that we need to pick you up.


We are happy to take you at any time you want but we just want to make sure that sufficient allowance is made for expected traffic conditions on the day.


When we drop you at the station, the driver will show you the pick up point for your return.

For passengers with mobile phones, we normally meet you outside the station.


You just need to switch on your phone when the train is through the tunnel and you are back in the UK. Our driver will phone you to check your progress. When you are off the train, just phone the driver and he will meet you at the pick-up point.


Meet and greet service inside the station is also available, for which we charge an extra £5 to cover the cost of parking.


If your inbound train is delayed, we will meet it whenever it arrives and we won’t charge you any extra.


We can’t plan for delayed trains so we will need to rearrange our schedules – we’ll always do the best we can for you but there could be a slight delay. We’ll phone you and keep you informed.



ï Bring your own child seats and we’ll make sure that they are on the vehicle when you return.


Prices effective from 1st January 2019

Prices include VAT at 20%  One way price  ò


St Pancras                       £85

Ebbsfleet                        £110

Ashford                          £130


We can get to St Pancras without entering the London Congestion Charge zone.

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