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Terms and conditions of hire


1. Planning your journey.

Bookings are accepted on the basis that Jets Travel will endeavour to provide road transport services in accordance with the destinations and timings of the hirer's itinerary but it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for traffic delays and unforeseeable events. Jets Travel does not guarantee to arrive at any destination at any specific time and Jets Travel shall not be liable for any loss arising from failure in this respect. Any information or advice provided by Jets Travel in respect of routes and journey times is given in good faith but is for guidance purposes only and shall not be part of any contract.

2. Route.

The driver of the vehicle will at all times have absolute discretion as to the choice of route or whether to adopt an alternative route.

3. Safety.

The driver of the vehicle will at all times have absolute discretion to refuse to carry any passenger or to terminate a journey in the event of:

(i) any passenger appearing to be intoxicated with alcohol or under the influence of drugs,

(ii) threats, violence, physical or verbal abuse,

(iii) damage or any risk of damage to the vehicle,

(iv) any passenger considered to be medically unfit to travel.

The driver of the vehicle will at all times have absolute discretion to refuse to continue a journey or drive into an area if he believes that it would endanger himself, the passengers or the vehicle, in the event of:

(i) adverse weather conditions, flooding, landslip or other force of nature,

(ii) riot or civil disturbance,

(iii) threat of or act of terrorism.

4. Meeting incoming flights.

No extra charge will be made if the arrival time of an incoming flight is delayed. Jets Travel allocates a time window for each booking with a provision for flight delays. However, prolonged delays may interfere with other bookings and may necessitate rescheduling of vehicle movements.

5. Price.

The price shall be the amount stated in the booking confirmation or, in the absence of written confirmation, the amount agreed between Jets Travel and the hirer for the agreed itinerary. Any changes to the itinerary may be subject to an additional charge. Jets Travel reserves the right to make supplementary charges in the event of changes in rates of taxation, road tolls or congestion charges.

6. Cancellation.

A booking may be cancelled without penalty, providing the vehicle has not already set out. In the event of a booking with multiple journeys, Jets Travel reserves the right to recover any costs involved for any alteration to the original itinerary.

7. General.

All services and transactions, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, are subject to English law.

For bookings and enquiries:

01252 877770


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